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Wolela !

Music label

Welcome to the Wopela hostel, a place dedicated to your every desire. Start with a concert in the living room, where the sounds will take you on a journey through space and time. You can then eat in the kitchen where the orchestra will bring your meal to life. For a nap, the room awaits you for poetic moments in texts, illustrations and music. When you wake up, a walk in the adjoining farm will not leave you indifferent. Then return to the garden, the musicians will make you dance until the early morning. Wopela!

Wopela is a collective of artists founded in 2013 in Paris and driven by the violinist Lucien Alfonso. It brings together musicians from different backgrounds: classical music, traditional music, jazz, song...with the desire to bring together popular and scholarly music. At the crossroads of territories, they are constantly looking for new experiences, sounds, materials and textures.

Permanent groups, solo projects, occasional collaborations, exceptional guests...Wopela gives the impetus to encounters of destiny or chance. Each member of the collective brings their energy and their uniqueness, and does not hesitate to mix it with the influences of the other. From these fusions, timeless creations are born, off the beaten track, and
imbued with memories, humor or winks.
The collective is an autonomous platform which has its own capacity
phonographic and video production.

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